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Mike Lake’s professional career spans the changes and progress seen in photography, multimedia, TV, video and audio production. He has the experience, expertise, and equipment to handle any job he works on.

Mike’s interest in technology and media began in 1968 where he apprenticed for a local sound contractor. He learned by doing, providing sound reinforcement of stage plays and big bands and recording in venues ranging from night clubs to classical concerts. He has always had a keen natural interest in how things are made, how they work, and how they can be made to work better.

In 1970 his experience in audio led to a job in the marketing department of the Chicago Tribune. He was trained by Tribune photographers to shoot editorial, fashion, and advertising assignments. He started a team that became The Trib's first Media Department. For 14 years Mike shot for print, recorded for broadcast, and programmed and staged productions all over the US and Europe. He has worked in concert halls, corporate offices, factories, studios ­ so many different locations and conditions! Ask Mike about The Worlds Fair Project, the Treasures of Tiffany Exhibit or The Parliament of World Religion.

In 1984 Mike formed his independent company, Mike Lake Production Services. He provides producers with technical assistance in 3 areas: Digital Photography; audio for video, CD recording & mastering; and video recording, editing & DVD authoring. Through the producers he has worked for he has serviced corporations and non-profits worldwide. His “List of Clients Served” is a who’s-who of national and international companies and organizations.

Mike has been a speaker training photographers, engineers, and other professionals about the fine points of photography, lighting under extreme conditions, sound recording techniques, and video. He is as expert at location audio recording as he is at balancing color temperatures. He has shot both 16 & 35mm film and all formats of still & video. And he is at ease working independently or managing assistants and models on location shoots.

Mike Lake is as interested and committed today as when he started in the media field more than 30 years ago. You can see, hear, and feel the results of that commitment the minute you talk to him about your next project.

Mike Lake Production Services • 630-980-9750 • mike@mikelakePS.com